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Your Guide to Spring Superfoods

There’s no doubt, you are going to feel and look your best when you eat your best. And, to really eat your best, you’re going to want to include seasonal superfoods. Superfoods are so important because they are going to fill your body with super-strength amounts of nutrients, phytochemicals and antioxidants. Eating seasonal food are fabulous because they are going to have the freshest flavor, highest concentration of nutrients and be more affordable. When it comes to spring, I want you to think in terms of color and go green. Here are my top 5 favorite spring superfoods you need to be eating…

Milk, Sugar and the Skin You’re In

If the skin you’re in is going through a rough patch, changing your approach to food can make all the difference. Let me show you how...

5 Natural Ways to Bust Your Anxiety

It’s that time of year when there’s more to do than there’s time to do it. And the simple but truly important things like sleep, healthy eating and exercise tend

3 Ways to Know if You’re Eating for the Right Reasons

Before you take a bite, you’ve got to ask yourself this simple question: “Why am I eating that?” These words are quick and easy and can totally help you transform

Healthy Holiday Gift Guide

Dr. Kristen Bentson's Healthy Holidays Gift Guide has feel good gifts for everyone on your list! 10 cool, unique and healthy gifts you'll want to give and get this Christmas.

Why stress makes you eat (and what to do about it)

Learn more about why you eat when you're stressed and simple, effective ways to deal with food cravings

The Juicy Truth About Juice

Juice (even fresh, homemade juice) isn’t really healthier for you than just eating fresh, whole foods. In fact, chances are good, it could be a little less healthy. Here’s why…

Why exercise isn’t the key to weight loss

Exercising but not losing weight? There's a reason you're not getting the results you're after.

Why you shouldn’t take vitamins & supplements

Taking a multivitamin? Fish oil your thing? Big on calcium supplements? Before you pop your next pill, read this.

Obsessed about your weight? This is for you.

Maybe it’s a number on a scale. Maybe it’s a number in a pair of your favorite pants. Whatever number has got you hung up, it’s time for you to